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Poultry farm Uralskaya

Limited liability partnership “Poultry farm Uralskaya” is the main producer of poultry products in the West Kazakhstan region.


The poultry farm occupies a territory of 17 ha. It has 5 poultry houses for laying hen breeding with a capacity of 290 thousand heads, and 2 poultry houses for pullets breeding with a capacity of 106 thousand heads.

About us

LLP “Poultry farm Uralskaya” is founded in February 2003. The primary occupation of LLP “poultry farm Uralskaya” is pullets breeding, laying hen keeping and egg, meat and offal producing.

Total population

up to 70 million eggs per year
up to 200 tons of meat per year
production area 17 ha
feed shop capacity 10 tones per day

Eggs category


С1, С2, С3


1 category
2 category

Contact details:

“Poultry farm Uralskaya”, LLC

090009, Kazakhstan Republic, West Kazakhstan region, Uralsk, Zhangir hana str., 93

ISO 9001, ISO 22000 и HASSP

Phones: 8 (7112) 51-99-88, 26-55-07